We provide customized support for book donations. Often accepting book donations is an important service libraries can provide, but we don’t all have outlets for donations – that’s were we would come in.

I can:

  • cart away and rehome donations,
  • assist with book sales,
  • provide a managed ‘sale’ shelf (curated mini bookstore)
  • or anything else donation related.

I many a number of outlets designed to maximize the return on used books. I sell some on Amazon. Some I sell to a local used books dealer. Some are donated to non-profits like Believe in Books or Starting Point for their respite homes. I store some for inventory for Library book sales.

I donate a portion of all sales of books back to the Library who provided the books. The amount back you can expect scales depending upon the 1. distance I have to travel, 2. ease of pick up, and 3. quality of donation collection. If a library in my town donates ten boxes of books that are all in good condition and boxed neatly so they are easy to transport and store AND they are all worth something on Amazon, I might donate 25% of sales to the Library. If I travel for hours, have to pack the books myself, and then find a large proportion are in poor condition and/or are not worth keeping, I might donate 10% back to the Library. I will be happy to negotiate all returns.